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Hawaii Homeschooling

Aloha and welcome to your best resource on the web for homeschooling in the beautiful state of Hawaii! Here you'll find information, tips, and resources about the laws regulating home educatioin in Hawaii, support groups, how to choose curriculum, things to do, and more. You probably have lots of questions as you begin this journey. We've got lots of answers!

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Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.
Roger Lewin   

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Single Christian Homeschool Parent Message Board
Single Christian Homeschool Parent Message Board offers discussion with other parents, widowed, divorced, or legally separated, who are homeschooling solo.
The Kingdom That Never Was: Inaccuracies in a Sociological Study of Homeschooling
Larry and Susan Kaseman
A PhD thesis on homeschooling was published recently by Princeton University Press titled Kingdom of Children: Culture and Controversy in the Homeschooling Movement by Mitchell Stevens. This sociological study of homeschooling contains serious misinformation that we homeschoolers need to understand and be able to counter. We may not be able to prevent this book from contributing to the mainstream media's and the academic world's misunderstanding of homeschooling, but if we don't at least respond to these ideas, misunderstanding of homeschooling will increase.
Looking Ahead to College
Maggie Hogan
This article includes some great tips for organizing for a college search. Includes information on how colleges assess homeschoolers, widely used exams for college acceptance and/or credit, and more.
African American Unschoolers (AfAmUnschool) Email Group
African American Unschoolers email group is for African-American homeschoolers who use the whole world as their child(ren)'s classroom.
Truancy, Curfews and Our Response
Janie Levine Hellyer
This article shares some experiences homeschoolers around the country have had with truancy and curfew laws.

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